#​374 — August 6, 2021

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Go Weekly

Go 10th Most Loved Language in Stack Overflow Survey — Over 80,000 developers took Stack Overflow’s popular annual survey this year, and Go has done pretty well with 9.55% of respondents using it and 63% of developers with an opinion on Go ‘loving’ it. Full survey results here.

Stack Overflow

How Does Go Calculate len()? — A walk through the compiler showing that len() is not an actual function call so it has to be handled differently for each type that has a length. This is great for those wanting to dig into the compiler a bit more.

Paschalis Tsilias

Live Streaming for Go Apps — From zero to live streaming in a couple of minutes. Mux Video is an API-first platform that makes it easy to build beautiful live video that streams everywhere.

Mux sponsor

Go 1.16.7 and 1.15.15 Released — Minor point releases to fix a security issue in net/http/httputil’s ReverseProxy. Go 1.17 RC2 has also been released if you want to continue testing.

Alex Rakoczy

▶  Opening Up the Go Time Opinion Box — This is a fun Go Time episode reviewing the most and least popular “unpopular opinions” shared on the show over the years. It’s fun because it reflects on previous guests and covers a lot of possibly contentious ground quickly.

Go Time Podcast podcast

Build a Highly Available Kubernetes Operator with Go — Martín goes through all the components (Controller, Worker, CRD, etc.) and covers running the operator in a high availability environment.

Martín Montes

Fixing Common Problems with CORS and JavaScript (on a Go REST API) — The author uses a simple Go-based REST API to demonstrate the concepts and resolves the problems brought up in JavaScript-to-backend communications by tweaking HTTP headers appropriately.

Phillip Edwards

Getting Started with Libsodium in Python and Golibsodium is a fork of the NaCl cryptography library.

Phillip Edwards


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🛠 Code & Tools

Six Command Line Tools for Productive Programmers — Some truly helpful items here. The FZF fuzzy file finder (written in Go) is particularly handy.

Adam Gordon Bell

Ent 0.9.0 Released with New Upsert APIEnt is a Go entity framework for modelling schemas and querying data - it now natively supports ‘upsert’ behavior (essentially an atomic ‘update or insert’ operation).

Rotem Tamir

gosec: A Go Code Security Checker — Runs a series of rules over some Go code’s abstract syntax tree to spot potential issues.

Secure Go

Track Requests to Your Golang Apps End-To-End with Datadog APM

Datadog APM sponsor

Virgo: A Graph-Based Configuration Language — Virgo parses and models directed acyclic graphs using its own configuration language so you can build dependency graphs, build pipelines, or any number of things.

Matt Rickard

otpgen: Library to Generate TOTP/HOTP Codes — You know those codes that apps like Google Authenticator or Authy generate to let you log into some sites? Those.

Rijul Gulati

termenv: Advanced ANSI Style and Color Support for Terminal Apps — Offers convenient methods to colorize and style output, without needing to deal with weird ANSI escape sequences and color conversions.

Christian Muehlhaeuser

cxgo: Another Tool for Transpiling C to Goc2go is the established player in this space.

Go Transpile

cloudflare-go: A Go Library for the Cloudflare V4 API