#​438 — November 25, 2022

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The Go Weekly Newsletter

▶  Fuzz Testing Made Easy — At GopherCon 2022, former Go core team member Katie Hockman presented a neat, accessible intro to fuzz testing starting from theoreticals and moving into a live demo. A great overview of a new Go 1.18’s feature that wasn’t generics ;-) (24 minutes.)

Katie Hockman

If you'd prefer to read rather than watch, there are some docs for that.

Awesome Go: Over 2000 Categorized Go Resources — A perennially useful resource that continues to get very frequent updates. This means it’s a fantastic place to contribute projects of your own too :-)

Awesome Go

Argo CD as a Managed Service, from the Creators of Argo — With its agent-based architecture, the platform increases security, reduces traffic between Kubernetes clusters and Argo control plane, and automatically tunes Argo so that it accommodates the changing size of your infrastructure. Try out for free.

Akuity sponsor

Building a Custom Code Search Index in Go for searchcode.com — If the sentence “The use of trigrams inside a bloom filter search is as far as I can tell unique” excites you, then you should get a cup a coffee and read this post. searchcode.com is a neat source code search engine to check out separately, too.

Ben E. C. Boyter

SSH Port Forwarding with Go — Why use ssh when you can script it with Go instead? If you’ve not played with /x/crypto/ssh, this is a thorough and practical primer.

Eli Bendersky

▶  How Do Go Programs Keep Working? — Certainly a question I’ve asked myself.. This time it’s not the quality of my code that’s of concern but Go’s long term backwards compatibility. (If this sounds familiar, Russ gave a similar talk at GopherCon 2022 but the slides and audio are much better in this remote talk.)

Russ Cox

▶  How Pinterest Delivers Software at Scale — Nishant Roy, an engineering manager at Pinterest, went on Go Time to talk about how Pinterest ships its software, its observability stack, Go-based services and more.

Go Time Podcast podcast

Generating Stripe-Like Webhook Signatures
Subomi Oluwalana

🛠 Code & Tools

Script: Make It Easier to Write Shell-like Scripts in Go — Makes tasks like reading files, counting lines, making simple HTTP requests, and running subprocesses easier with an array of fluent chainable functions to make using Go in a scripting context a happier experience.

John Arundel

Introducing Finch: A Go-Powered Tool for Container Development — AWS has built a new open-source CLI tool for building, running, and publishing Linux containers. macOS only for now.

Amazon Web Services

Replace Your Notification Microservice with a Google Ventures Backed SaaS — Never again have to code another notification template or have to search in multiple platforms trying to debug failed sends.

Courier.com sponsor

Lingua 1.1: A Natural Language Detection Library — Got text? Lingua will tell you which language it’s written in. Lingua supports long and short texts and handles around 75 languages. This week’s v1.1 release adds a faster but less accurate option and a way to measure the classifier’s confidence a text is written in a specific language.

Peter M. Stahl

fq 0.1: Like jq But for Binary Formats — If you’ve got MP3s, images, videos, etc. and you want to break them apart and dig into their underlying format, this provides some interesting ways to do that.

Mattias Wadman

  • VHS 0.2
    ↳ Record CLI activity to GIFs.

  • GoReleaser 1.13
    ↳ Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible.

  • bitset 1.4
    ↳ Go package implementing bit fields.

  • Kubo 0.17
    ↳ An IPFS implementation in Go.


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