#​439 — December 2, 2022

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The Go Weekly Newsletter

The Best Go Framework.. No Framework? — Many languages have default (or, at least, obvious) frameworks that can help your project get off the ground quickly and help learn the language, but Go is different. Starting without a framework may be the best choice you can make, argues Robert. (This also provoked a fair bit of discussion on Hacker News.)

Robert Laszczak (Three Dots Labs)

GoLand Turns 5; Releases v2022.3 — Whilst a commercial product, GoLand is undoubtedly a common IDE choice in the Go world, and 2022.3 offers a variety of enhancements, including improvements to generics and workspaces support. A Go Playground feature has also been baked in for in-IDE experimentation.

Ekaterina Zharova (JetBrains)

Gophers - Opportunity is Knocking — We’re a premier software engineering firm looking for mid to senior level engineers to help us develop advanced software solutions and applications in Go. Got at least 1 year of professional Go experience and located in the Americas or Western Europe? We want to hear from you.

Ardan Labs sponsor

🐦  On Multiple Error Wrapping Coming to Go 1.20 — Sure to be met with both joy and consternation, this tweet has links to the proposal and a playground example, along with a link to new Unwrap() functionality.

Inanc Gumus on Twitter


  • 🤖 The robots are coming for us. OpenAI even provides an example of its latest GPT-3 based chatbot answering questions about Go code. All well and good until they give you the wrong answer..

  • Google's vulnerability reward program on Twitter: "Did you know that we leaked tokens that could compromise our Golang mirrors on GitHub?" At just three months old, Google's VRP scheme has already issued bounties to keep the Go community safe.

  • 🗣 Someone asked Hacker News: What do you like or dislike about Go? Quite a few people answered.

  • 📅 Want to speak at GopherCon Israel next February? You've got a week to submit your talk proposal.

Using Server Sent Events to Simplify Real-Time Streaming at Scale — Shopify has a Black Friday Cyber Monday Live Map published every year as their largest data event, which they improved this year using SSE, Flink, and Go to simplify the architecture while greatly increasing performance.

Bao Nguyen (Shopify)

Fast Embedded Templates in Go with quicktemplatequicktemplate is a template engine for Go optimized for speed (boasting a 20x boost over html/template). How? Templates are converted into Go code and compiled, which also means many bugs can be caught at compile time.

Andrew Pillar

▶  Exploring Network Programming by Building a Toxiproxy Clone — Aimed at Gophers without lower level networking experience. Will get you up to speed with working with and manipulating TCP streams.

Jordan Neufeld

▶  To TDD or Not to TDD with Bill Kennedy and Chris James“That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous test coverage, or to take arms against a sea of bugs…”

Go Time Podcast podcast

▶  Everything You Need To Know About Pointers in Go — Videos like this aren’t for everyone, but if live coded explanations work well for you, it could be 20-minutes well spent and Anthony's on a roll lately with his channel.

Anthony GG

▶  How to Build and Structure a JSON API Project in Go
Anthony GG

🛠 Code & Tools

ListMonk 2.3: Self-Hosted Newsletter and Mailing List Manager — MailChimp in a single binary? Restrict your feature set a bit, and sort of. v2.3 introduces a public newsletter archive feature and the ability for subscribers to self-manage their address and subscriptions.

Kailash Nadh

Air: Live Reloading for Go Apps — We first linked to this project five years ago but like actual air, it’s still popular.

Rick Yu

Practical Guide to Secure SSH Access — There’s no denying that SSH is the de facto tool for Linux server administration, but is it truly secure?

Teleport | goteleport․com sponsor

😜⁉️ Ecoji: Encodes (and Decodes) Data as Emojis — Why? I have no idea. But it looks cool. There’s an online demo too, if you want to see what it turns out like.

Keith Turner

Otto 0.2: A JavaScript Parser and Interpreter in Go — Ten years is surely approaching a record for a 0.2 release. :-)

Robert Krimen


Site Reliability Engineer — Join our "kick ass" team. Our software team operates from 17 countries and we're always looking for more exceptional engineers.
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Find a Job Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

🐿 Gophers, not a squirrel..

🎁  Gophers Pack: A Collection of Gopher Pictures and Design Elements — Got a presentation, blog post, or hey, even a newsletter you want to rustle up some nice Go-themed graphics for? These cute elements, based upon Renée French's original creation, could help. Maria has just relicensed to CC0 (public domain - sort of) but attribution would no doubt be welcome.

Maria Letta