#​458 — May 2, 2023

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Go Weekly

Rueidis 1.0: A Fast Redis Client with Caching — Endorsed enough to now be in the official Redis GitHub org at least, this is a Redis client focused on performance with auto-pipelining of non blocking commands, client-side caching implemented in the preferred way, and support for Redis’s official extensions. The only tricky part is how to pronounce it.


Writing an OS in Go: The Bootloader — Warning: Low-level gophers digging in the sandbox here :-) This is the self described ‘hello world’ of operating system development, and the first step in what promises to be a long but fascinating journey for the author.


How to Add OpenTelemetry to Your Go Apps in Minutes — If you’ve considered using OpenTelemetry in your Go apps, you know the struggle. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to implement OTel in Go in a few simple steps, by integrating it in compile time.

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Self-Hosted Soft Serve for Git — No ice cream involved. Soft Serve is a Go-powered self-hostable git server from the folks at Charm (perhaps best known for the Bubble Tea TUI framework) and this is a thorough guide to setting it up for yourself.

Ayman Bagabas (Charm)


'Random' Testing in Go — In many situations, choosing good test cases can be a bit hit-and-miss. What if we could automate the process? John considers a few ways to shake things up a bit.

John Arundel

Supercharging Your gRPC Workflow with BobBob is a build system for microservices (currently in open beta) and this post tries to sell you on it by showing how to put together a simple gRPC client and server.


Three Things to Never Build In Your Go App — Authentication, notifications, and payments. Ship MVP faster by outsourcing non-core features.

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▶  The Power of the Decorator Pattern — 14 minute live-coding screencast.

Anthony GG

Moving Go AWS Lambda Functions to Graviton / Arm Chips
Stathis Peioglou

🛠 Code & Tools

wazero 1.1: Zero Dependency WebAssembly Runtime in Go — Embed wazero in your Go project and extend any app (simple example). v1.1 improves debugging, reduces memory usage and adds new APIs for advanced use cases.


rqlite 7.15.0: A Relational Database Atop SQLite — A long standing project and built in Go, of course. v7.15.0’s biggest addition is support for automatic backups to S3 which could certainly make it more appealing. Official homepage.


Kubernetes API Access Security Hardening — The control plane controls k8s nodes, nodes control pods, pods control containers... But what controls the control plane?

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Graph 0.20: Generic Library for Creating Graph Data Structures — Supports different kinds of graphs such as directed graphs, acyclic graphs, or trees. We’ve mentioned this a few times recently but it’s a powerful library and v0.20.0 adds an array of handy features for updating, cloning, and merging graphs together.

Dominik Braun

  • sqlc 1.18 – Generate type-safe code from SQL. More new features than you'd expect here.

  • pREST 1.3
    ↳ Serve a RESTful API from a Postgres database.

  • testfixtures 3.9
    ↳ Ruby on Rails-like test fixtures for Go.

  • Go-OpenAI 1.9.1 – An OpenAI API wrapper library. Psssst.. if you work for OpenAI, can you enable GPT-4 API access on my account pretty please? 😍

  • ntfy 2.4
    ↳ Pub/sub notifications from anywhere.

  • GoBGP 3.14
    ↳ A BGP implementation in Go.

  • gocryptfs 2.3.2
    ↳ Encrypted overlay filesystem atop go-fuse.


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