#​472 — August 8, 2023

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Peter Cooper, your editor

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Go Weekly

Go 1.21 Released — Six months on from the Go 1.20 release comes 1.21. While it’s no Go 1.18 in terms of scope and changes, there’s plenty to check out including the new min, max and clear functions, a preview of a change to for loop variable semantics, and profile-guided optimization (PGO) goes GA. For all the details, check out the official release notes.

Eli Bendersky and the Go Team

Seth Vargo tells us some of the things he's excited for in Go 1.21.

A Possible Future for Iterators in Go — We recently mentioned a new proposal that would allow for range statements to iterate over functions. John Arundel gives us a practical look at the potential for this feature in real-world situations before concluding: “In summary, then, iterators are neat.”

John Arundel

Use Pangea’s Vault for Secret and Key Management — The Pangea Vault API securely manages access and the lifecycle of keys and secrets to prevent unintentional leakage through hardcoding. Quickly generate, import, and manage secrets with API calls.

Pangea sponsor


🔓  Socket Introduces Go SupportSocket, founded by well known JavaScript developer Feross Aboukhadijeh, was launched in 2022 with a focus on providing tools to improve npm's supply chain situation, but is taking steps into analyzing the security of Go dependencies too.

Arjun Barrett (Socket)

The Register goes into more detail on this news here.

Replay 2023 Workshops: Temporal 101 and 102 with Go — Register now for our full day of workshops on Temporal with Go at Replay, our annual backend engineering conference.

Temporal Technologies sponsor

How to Build a Globally Distributed, Multi-Region Identity and Access Platform with Go — Vendors often write “how we built it” posts full of buzzwords that lead to a quick call-to-action. This is not that. The CTO of identity and access control service Ory goes deep into the technicalities of the pieces behind the scenes that make such a system work (hello Go!) and what goes into making a truly distributed service.

Aeneas Rekkas (Ory)

How to Visualize GORM Models with Atlas
Rotem Tamir

🛠 Code & Tools

🔊 Oto 3: Low-Level Cross-Platform Sound Library — Used by the Ebitengine 2D game engine to play audio on a remarkable number of platforms from Windows, macOS and Linux to more intriguing options like the Nintendo Switch and iOS.


Ensure: Scenario-Based Testing for Go — A brand new project that provides another way to structure tests. As the author says: “I like text descriptions around my test so wrote this based a little bit on my experiences with XBehave in the .NET space.”

Antony Koch

Build Your Own Uptime Monitoring System in 30 Minutes — Build an Uptime Monitor in Go, using microservices and Pub/Sub, and deploy it to Encore's free development cloud.

Encore sponsor

Katana: A Web Crawling and Spidering Framework — It began life last year as a crawler aimed at general CLI use, but you can now use it as a library too.


BadgerDB 4.2: A Fast, Embeddable Key-Balue DB in Go — Designed as a performant alternative to non-Go-based key-value stores like RocksDB.



Find a Job Through Hired — Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

✍️ And one for fun..

Intel One Mono: An Expressive Monospace Font Family for Developers — Includes eight variations from light to bold-italic. Perhaps it could be your next coding font of choice if the official Go fonts don’t quite cut the mustard? 😅

Intel Corporation

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