#​473 — August 29, 2023

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👋 We're back! Well, almost.. If you didn't get an issue of Go Weekly in the past few weeks, don't worry, I was on vacation. I'm technically on vacation for a couple more days but didn't want too many issues to pass by, so here we are. 😁
Peter Cooper and the Cooperpress team

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Go Weekly

On Backward Compatibility, Go 1.21, and.. Go 2? — If backwards compatibility sounds boring, “boring can be good,” says Russ, who has written about some of the “important work we shipped in Go 1.21 to keep Go boring” when it comes to ensuring your programs continue to compile in the face of changes to Go’s tooling. He also teases Go 2 before (spoiler alert) saying it either won't happen or.. it already did.

Russ Cox

Russ has remained prolific during our break and has also shared a proposal for iter, a new package for iterators, which relates to the 'range over function' feature proposal that's also currently in progress.

Structured Logging with slogGo 1.21 was the big news in our last issue and it introduced the log/slog package for structured logging where logs go beyond a mere line of text and have useful associated metadata. Jonathan Amsterdam presents a full introduction on the official Go blog.

Jonathan Amsterdam

Go! Experts at Your Service — Do you need help filling skill gaps, speeding up development & creating high performing software with Go, Docker, K8s, Terraform and Rust? We’ll help you maximize your architecture, structure, tech-debt and human capital.

Ardan Labs Consulting sponsor

Go 1.21, All You Need to Know: A Visual Guide — A Miro-based whiteboard/mindmap-style representation of what Jan believes the most important things to know about Go 1.21 are. There are previous editions for Go 1.20 and 1.18 too.

Jan Stamer

RIP AWS Lambda's Go Runtime? — AWS is deprecating the go1.x runtime alongside the end-of-life of Amazon Linux 1 and folks with Go functions are encouraged to migrate to the provided.al2 base image. While this promises better performance and support, it also gives users a fair bit of work to do to migrate.

Mark Wolfe

Avoiding Pitfalls in Go“Every example I give here is something that I have personally experienced. These lessons were learned the hard way. Learn from my mistakes.”

Nick Tobey

Advanced Go Concurrency — We featured this a few years ago, but it’s become popular on social again. This article goes beyond the usual candidates (goroutines, using context and sync) and digs into x/sync and things like singleflight and errgroup. If you’ve not dug far into concurrency in Go, you should pick up a thing or two here.

André Eriksson

How to Develop a Great CLI with Go — Alex shares his insights from building half a dozen popular Go CLIs himself.

Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS)

Free Course: Temporal 101 with Go — Learn the essentials, then develop an app in this course that focuses on Workflows, Activities, and Temporal’s Go SDK.

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Writing a TOTP 2FA Client in Go — You can do it all with standard libaries.

Redowan Delowar

Limit Goroutines with Buffered Channels
Redowan Delowar

How to Propagate Context Without Cancellation
Wairagu Komu

🛠 Code & Tools

TinyGo 0.29.0: The Go Compiler for Small Places Gets Go 1.21 — The popular alternative LLVM-based Go compiler targeting microcontrollers and WebAssembly use cases has now added support for both Go 1.21 and the new GOOS=wasip1 option.


SQLedge: Replicate Postgres to SQLite on the Edge — An alpha/experimental Go-powered Postgres proxy that uses a local SQLite database for reads and forwards writes to an upstream Postgres server.

Zak Knill

Local Development Where the Infrastructure is Created Automatically — Encore automatically sets up local infrastructure on the fly, and provisions cloud infrastructure when you git push.

Encore sponsor

fp-go: IBM Working on a Functional Programming Library for Go — Presented as a ‘work in progress’ and inspired by TypeScript’s fp-ts, this effort aims to encourage the development and composition of small, side-effect free functions in Go too.


Jacobin JVM: A 'More than Minimal' JVM Written in Go — A novel Java Virtual Machine implementation built in Go that’s capable of running Java 17 classes.

Binstock, Uresk, Elkins, et al.

Soft Serve Now Supports Git LFSSoft Serve is a Go-powered, self-hostable Git server from the Charm folks.

Charm Team


Find a Job Through Hired — Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

  • Excelize 2.8
    ↳ Read/write Excel spreadsheet files.

  • Wazero 1.5
    ↳ Zero dependency WASM runtime for Go devs.

  • Toxiproxy 2.6
    ↳ TCP proxy to simulate choatic network conditions.

  • FerretDB 1.9
    ↳ MongoDB compatible database atop Postgres.

  • GoCV 0.34
    ↳ Package for computer vision using OpenCV 4+

  • Roaring 1.5
    ↳ Go version of the 'Roaring bitmap' data structure.

  • Fiber 2.49 – Express.js inspired web framework.

  • pdfcpu 0.5 – Go PDF processor.