#​482 — October 31, 2023

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Go Weekly

Awesome Go: Thousands of Categorized Go Resources — A useful resource that continues to get frequent updates, and that's well worth revisiting in what has been a surprisingly quiet week for Go news.. 😬 If you have a Go project, you can also contribute projects of your own to the list.

Awesome Go

▶  👻  A Halloween Go Gopher Lofi Music Mix — If you want some Halloween-themed music to work (or trick-or-treat) to, Ardan Labs has it covered with this YouTube video. They did this ▶️ last year too.

Ardan Labs

Go! Unlock Your Tech Potential with Ardan Labs Consulting — Struggling with skill gaps, development speed or complex tech challenges? Ardan Labs specializes in Go, Rust, Docker and K8s to accelerate your software development, optimize architecture, and manage tech debt. Let us supercharge your team!

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AWS SDK for Go Now Aligns with Go's Release Policy — As of today, the AWS SDK for Go will conform to Go’s release policy by supporting the two latest generally available versions of Go with an extra six months of support added for good measure. This also means AWS SDK for Go v1/v2 ends support for Go 1.5 through 1.18 as of today.

Aaron Todd (AWS)

Dynamic SQL Templating with Tqla — Tqla (pronounced tequila) provides an alternative approach to generating dynamic SQL queries using text/template while preventing SQL injections.

Ethan Lewis (Vaunt)

Synchronization Constructs in the Standard Library — The constructs discussed are those besides sync.Mutex, including Counter, Map, Once, and Condition, each of which is suited to a common synchronization use case.

Mahmud Ridwan

▶  Pointers are the Broccoli of Go — The speaker says this is her first ever tech talk but confidently tackles the topic of pointers, and how she got her head around how they work in Go, in just seven minutes.

Beth Knight

Does Go Have Subtyping?
Bob Nystrom

📰 Classifieds

🚀 Open-Source Data Observability: Streamdal is a tail -f for your data with a UI and support for Golang with our SDK.

📢 See if you qualify for $2,400 in Temporal Cloud credits and access to support and services with our new Temporal Cloud for Startups program.

💻 Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

🛠 Code & Tools

Warrant 1.0: A Centralized Google Zanzibar-Inspired Authorization Service — An open-source, self hostable implementation of Google Zanzibar, the globally distributed service powering authorization across Google’s many products and services.


TtlMap: A Map Where Entries Expire Over Time — A map where the entries get a TTL (time to live) such that items are expired and removed after a specific time interval.

John Taylor

Bluetuith: TUI-Based Bluetooth Manager for Linux — Built in Go, Linux only, and aims to be a replacement to Bluetooth managers like Blueman.


Beelzebub: A Secure 'Low Code' Honeypot Framework — It can pretend to be numerous common targets that bots are looking for, like WordPress installs or vulnerable versions of httpd, all defined via YAML files. GitHub repo.

Mario Candela

  • Spago 1.1 – Pure Go ML library for natural language processing work.

  • Goldmark 1.6 – Markdown parser compliant with CommonMark 0.30.

  • sqlc 1.23 – Generate type-safe code from SQL. Now supports pgvector!

  • Gobot 2.2 – Framework for robotics, drones, and IoT.

  • Walk 1.7 – Terminal file manager (above).

  • Wish 1.2 – Charm's tooling to make Go-powered SSH apps.

  • Chroma 2.10 – General purpose syntax highlighter in pure Go.

  • Toxiproxy 2.7 – Proxy for simulating chaotic network conditions.


“Don’t even start considering solutions until you understand the problem. Your goal should be to 'solve' the problem mostly within the problem domain, not the solution domain.”

Oz Nova